You can’t go home again – wait, yes you can; watch me

Years ago I separated this, my work blog, from my personal blog, for Reasons. They made sense at the time, and mostly had to do with me wanting a space I could drop the occasional f-bomb without worrying about offending anyone and not annoying my friends and family with two or three HaldeCraft posts a week. But things are just getting too complicated with having two blogs (which is actually three, because I copy everything from here to a blog hosted on my shop), and which one do I post on about what, and how many hours are there in the day, and yadda yadda yadda.

So. The HaldeBlog is moving back to Snarkland. If you follow me there, please be aware that (a) there are years and years (and years) of back posts, many of which are personal and that (b) I do occasionally drop the f-bomb.

If you are only here for the crafts, and only want to be kept up to date on HaldeCraft things, you can set your RSS readers to this work blog on HaldeCraft, onto which I will only post HaldeCraft things (not personal things) and will endeavor really hard not to drop any f-bombs.

Thanks, y’all! (BTW; I will keep this post and blog up for a couple of months at least, to help get anyone transferred over!)

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